Infinity Waves:
artificial waves for Surfing wherever you want

A Californian design team, with over 20 years of industry experience, has developed new technology for generating static waves dedicated to surfing entertainment.

The system is called Infinity Waves and is revolutionary compared to all the other systems on the market, because 100% of their designs use “Soft-top” technology (a sealed air technology, essentially an inflatable) for the construction of the keel housing the wave thus allowing many advantages over any competitor:

  • Significantly lower prices thanks to lower production costs
  • Simpler installation due to few construction works
  • Elimination of toxic and dangerous materials
  • Great safety for the surfer in case of falls (you fall on the soft)
  • It can be installed anywhere
  • Highly customizable project


Infinity Waves is based on an artificial waves simulator for surfing. The waves are created by a powerful submerged turbine that pushes a light layer of water onto a coated and inclined surface. It offers a new sporting experience that mixes disciplines such as surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding and snowboarding.


Infinity Waves offer fun for all audiences, from the most professional profiles to those who have not tried this discipline before, both adults and children. Fun is granted from the start, though expertise is acquired with time, but without the risks of surfing the ocean or skating the asphalt.

It is a healthy and exciting sport, testing one’s limits thus encouraging repetition in order to improve and perfect one’s skills.


It can be installed in any swimming pool, ideal for hotels & resorts, camping sites, condominiums, sports and swimming centers, lakes, parks and even private residences. Some models can be installed without the need for a swimming pool by creating a special tank of limited size for water. Standard models can host one or two persons at a time. Three- or four-user models or even larger customized projects are also possible.

Two-user models cover an área between 150 sqm and 225 sqm, produce a high wave from 90 to 110 cm and allow 480 rides/ h. The single-user models cover an área between 100 sqm and 135 sqm, with waves from 90 to 110 cm and allow 240 rides/ h.

Because of the revolutionary “Soft-top” technology that simplifies installation, Infinity Waves truly represents a solution that can be adopted in a variety of locations. For example the “Surface” model is built as a floating structure, making it an excellent choice to actívate and monetize existing lakes and large pools.

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