A new concept,
the Multi-Leisure Karting-Venue

In the multi-leisure kart track, usually indoor, only electric karts are provided and there is a perfect integration between hospitality and food & beverage areas with the various attractions and the kart track itself.

The latter thus becomes the center of the show and, when including elevations and tunnels, enhances the available space and increases profitability thanks to the dramatic effect and thrill of the race ensured by a more technical track.

The entertainment offer is completed by areas specifically designed for families and young people, including Playgrounds, interactive Floors and Walls, Virtual Rooms, Laser Arenas and much more according to the available space.

The total absence of emissions from karts and the maximum integration between the track and the public areas allow the design of pleasant, welcoming and exclusive areas for the reception, waiting before accessing the attractions, restaurants and social gathering corners, including meeting and conference rooms available for external companies. The go-kart track thus becomes suitable for the organization of events, parties and corporate meetings of any kind, sponsorship/advertising initiatives, communication campaigns, commercial activities for the public sale of specific products.


Also possible in residential areas in dedicated indoor/partially indoor structures, shopping centers, buildings and sports/entertainment pavilions, exhibition halls and any other situation close to areas with high turnout.


Zero emissions, very little noise, it is a clean, comfortable, safe and highly performing vehicle, enjoyable by a much wider audience than just enthusiasts. Low energy consumption and management/maintenance costs, longer life cycle than traditional internal combustion engine karts.


IoT technologies allow the improvement of the relationship between Person and Objects, opening up a potentially infinite world of discoveries and new experiences. Applied to the kart track and integrated with Telemetry and Video Recording systems, they allow a dialogue between the electric kart, the driver and the company management leading to totally new concepts and activities, such as:

The Academy – a true multi-level training program to constantly improve driving skills thanks to the use of customized kart configuration parameters concerning speed and driving type, digital trajectories visible inside smart helmets, wearable devices for digital detection and dialogue, Augmented Reality and Digital Signage.

The Community – through a mobile App the Community Member (the customer…) shares his/her experience with others, checks performance and results, buys the Upgrades (as in video games) to improve his/her driving skills, is informed about events, but also receives campaigns, special offers, reserves activities at the kart track and much more. A new dimension of digital entertainment finally connected with physical reality!


The pilot project in Monza

The project involves the construction on international scale (EU, Eastern Europe, Russian Confederation) of a network of 20 indoor multi-leisure electric kart tracks including newly opened companies and already existing and particularly significan plants.

The tracks in the Network may either be totally owned by the Network itself or be affiliated and partially owned by the Network, in order to control and develop the business and to benefit from the high profitability of the characteristic activity so as to significantly improve the return on investment.

In Monza, near the F1 racetrack, the first unit will be built as a pilot project – some of  the project renderings are included in the slide show.

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