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Time2Enjoy offers a proven business model resulting from shared experiences gained over time with our many partners and customers around the world. A model ready to be capitalized by those who look at the entertainment sector as a business that knows no crisis when properly designed and is capable of innovating. On the one hand we provide business consultancy and specific experience in the management of structured businesses related to leisure, on the other we offer design competence and project management in the construction of plants with a high rate of innovation, creativity, technology, design and construction quality.

The worldwide entertainment turnover trend and the yearly growth rate from 2014 to 2023 show the great potential of the sector. Values in billions of dollars (Sources: PwC, Nielsen Sports)

The worldwide entertainment turnover trend and the yearly growth rate from 2014 to 2023 show the great potential of the sector.
Values in billions of dollars – (Sources: PwC, Nielsen Sports)

Our target

Our projects are designed for entrepreneurs active as investors or as operators in the following areas: multiplex, outlets and shopping centers, retail chains (fast-food, supermarkets, pubs, etc …), hotels and resorts, racetracks, stadiums, kart tracks , airports, water parks, theme parks, sports centers, hospitals.

We create “turnkey” Family Entertainment Centers, Leisure Areas in general (indoor and outdoor), Theme Parks, Water Parks, Multi-Leisure Centers.

We design and create Playgrounds, Laser Arenas and laser labyrinths, Laser Tag, custom Theme birthday rooms (Party Room), Mini City, Minigolf (Glow in the Dark, Adventure, Interactive), Sky Rider, Virtual Room, Trampolin Park, interactive Wall climbing parks, Education Parks, Wooden playgrounds, Jungle Area, interactive Floors and Walls for branded playgrounds and theme parks.

We design and provide all the necessary advice for the construction of multi-Leisure kart tracks (electric karts only), where the focal concept is the perfect integration between hospitality and Food & Beverage on the one hand and the attractions (particularly the kart track) on the other.

Uniqueness and strength of the projects and of our action

  • Concept and customized projects
    The project’s strategies and objectives are discussed together with the client. Time2Enjoy delivers custom designs working with the customer, starting from the creation of a concept to its development, up to its refinement and general project plan.
  • Creativity as our focus
    Time2Enjoy generally proposes the creation of a new concept as a customer strategy. This approach has a reason: creativity and innovation must be at the center of the customer’s business strategy. The goal is that the designed attraction be able to transfer an emotion to the visitors within the first 10 seconds. This is the entertainment market key feature in order to maximize the chances of success.
  • Turnkey projects
    The “turnkey” aspect is real, up to the last step, including any structural work on site that is carried out and run by Time2Enjoy with the help, when necessary, of local companies.
  • Mood and project draft for a preliminary overview
    Once the general customer need is understood, a dedicated general presentation (Mood) is made available. Subsequently, if the customer’s interest is real, after a meeting, a real project draft is made for free with 3D rendering, oriented to the customer’s need. This allows you to concretize the idea, to imagine it implemented and to create a very precise estimate.
  • Business Plan and Executive Summary
    Meant to grant maximum control over the final project profitability but also to evaluate the investment opportunity in advance.
  • Quality of the design
    The quality of the design and implementation is guaranteed by the high specialization level of the group companies and their partners, with ongoing discussion and feedback from suppliers/designers/customers. Time2Enjoy produces detailed design drawings and descriptions of all the elements of the attractions. This allows an in-depth project evaluation before the construction phase.
  • Production process and construction verification
    Each phase of the construction on site is monitored so that the final result meets to the project features. Time2Enjoy guarantees the Technical and Artistic Direction on the construction site in order to guarantee the promised result.
  • Supervision of the installation
    Supplied by our teams and partners, boasting years of experience and specialization in the sector.
  • Customer service
    Long-term relationship with the customer ensuring constant assistance, design and business innovation.

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